Judaism, What, Why and How – Secondary

Year Levels 7 – 12 

Unpack what it is to be Jewish. Discover why certain practices and traditions are important to Jewish people and how these are expressed by the community and individuals. Explore Jewish ideas and beliefs with our education guides as they share their knowledge and experience of Judaism and Jewish life in Australia.   

Includes: Museum tour, synagogue visit and a model Sabbath welcoming ceremony with food tasting.

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost: $12.50 

Learning objectives 

  • Identify Jewish perspectives, traditions, and Jewish life in Melbourne through engaging with the museum collection and educator guides. 
  • Discuss and interpret how Jewish people express their religious and cultural identities. 
  • Analyse the dynamic nature and origins of their own and other cultural practices. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how beliefs and practices can be influenced by culture.  
  • Explore the role and importance of the Synagogue and the Sabbath.