The Jewish Context of the Life and Words of Jesus

Year Levels 7 – 9

Explore the ritual, culture, and faith of Jewish life from ancient times through to today, connecting who Jesus was and the life he would have lived as a Jewish man. Examine religious and secular practices, understanding the influences and social structures operating in the time of Jesus. Compare findings to Jewish life today by exploring museum spaces and engaging in object handling.

Includes: Museum tour, synagogue visit and a model Sabbath welcoming ceremony with food tasting.

This program has been developed in direct response to the Year 8 curriculum unit outlined in Coming to Know, Worship and Love: A Religious Education Curriculum Framework for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne (published by the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne 2005). This program is presented alongside a downloadable 24-page activity booklet with tasks to complete at the Museum as well as back in the classroom.

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost: $15 

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify elements of Jesus’ life that strongly connect to Jewish rituals in the first century and modern day. 
  • Report on 1st-century Jewish life and the rituals and beliefs that were significant in the time of Jesus. 
  • Discuss the way that certain Gospels reveal Jesus’ Jewish faith and his attitude to it. 
  • Report on the central role of the Torah in the origins of Jewish practice.