In Hebrew, natan means ‘he gave.’ There’s something beautiful about this word in both original script and transliteration, as it can be read forward and backward – the idea being that when we offer something of ourselves it’s as much about giving as receiving.

The Jewish Museum of Australia is fortunate to receive the gift of time, insight and commitment from over 100 volunteers across all aspects of our activity. From the earliest days at Toorak shule and even now when our lights are dimmed, this group has sustained us – greeting and engaging with visitors, explaining the intricacies of Jewish culture, leading groups through our varied and fascinating exhibitions, and taking groups across to our local synagogue. Volunteers also work in other parts of the Museum, assisting with school groups, adult education, and administration roles.

Put simply, it would be impossible for the Museum to offer everything it does without the help of our amazing volunteers.

From Our Volunteers

‘As a volunteer, I greatly appreciate that I am treated as an important part of the team that is the Jewish Museum; everyone is warm and friendly.’

‘It’s a meaningful experience. I feel I am making a difference.’

‘I enjoy being able to share my Jewish experience.’

‘I feel that my contribution is worthwhile and appreciated.’

Apply Today

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Visitor Services & Volunteer Coordinator Katherine Bruce:
Phone: (03) 8534 3619