Research shows that students who get the most from a museum visit have been involved in pre and post-visit preparation or activities. Therefore, while students are welcome to visit us at the Jewish Museum of Australia at any time, we recommend you utilise our Learning Resources. Developed to include key concepts integral to the curriculum, they ensure each student is introduced to the Museum’s educational program before arrival. They also make post-visit discussions and activities easy to facilitate.

An excursion to the Museum

During your visit to the Museum, students will explore the permanent and temporary exhibitions with the support of our education guides. They will use a number of different resources, depending on the Educational Program chosen by the teachers. These resources contain activities that students complete during the Museum visit, as well as additional activities to be utilised back in class or as set homework – before or after the Museum experience. Resources include professionally designed and produced workbooks and photo albums, activity sheets and original and/or object replicas.

Post-visit activities and resources

In order to reinforce your students’ learning experience at the Jewish Museum, it is recommended that you do some follow-up back at school.

Teachers’ notes include information on how programs support the specific learning outcomes outlined in the curriculum, as well as program overview, pre and post-visit resources, classroom activities, resources and references.

– Being Jewish in the 21st century
– Calling Australia Home
– The Jewish Context of the Life and Words of Jesus Program