True Jews and Patriots: Australian Jews and World War One

Opened: 30 June 2015
Closed: 31 January 2016

This exhibition explored the social and cultural context of the early 20th Century Jewish community, the conditions that led to the disproportionate enlistment of Jewish men to the armed forces, the contribution of Australian Jews on the battle field and the home front and the wave of migration of Jews from Europe in the aftermath of the war.

This exhibition was mounted to coincide with world-wide centenary commemoration of the First World War, as well as Australia’s Anzac Day centenary celebrations. The exhibition was presented in partnership with the Victorian Association of Jewish Ex and Servicemen and Women (VAJEX) and provided a unique perspective on World War One that focussed on the participation of Australian Jews.

Exhibition Partner

Victorian Association of Jewish Ex & Servicemen & Women

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Exhibition Supporters