Significant Journeys: Works by Bill Meyer

Opened: 2 December 2012
Closed: 14 April 2013

This exhibition of digital images by Australian-Jewish artist Bill Meyer used the 54 parashot (weekly readings) of the Torah to navigate a personal and universal journey. Religious and spiritual, artistic and interpretative, metaphoric and literal, the installation documents the artist’s own exploration of the Hebrew Bible and its relevance and meaning today.

The images themselves mark contemporary situations and places. They move from the physical to the abstract, and derive mostly from Meyer’s own travels. The visual references for the works span some of the artist’s most personal and recent journeys – trips to Israel to reunite with family and friends, business trips, medical journeys – as well as the more common journey of the refugee or the journey back through history. The train, the car, the ship, the pair of legs – each of these modes of mobility find special significance in this exhibition as they represent (at times, abstractly) not only the nature of the journey itself, but also the beauty in the banal.