One man in his time

Opened: 11 September 2016
Closed: 5 March 2017

This exhibition, which is aptly titled One man in his time – a reference to Shakespeare’s famous monologue, is a celebration of finite life and a contemplation of infinite loss. Using over seven hundred of her late husband Henry’s possessions, multi-award winning artist, Hedy Ritterman created a personalized mapping of a man and his era.

In this exhibition Hedy ‘unpacked’ her late husband Henry’s life through the display of these everyday things – some might call them ‘ready-mades’ or items that represent key life cycle stages, from childhood through to adulthood. The objects on display reflect some of the key moments in Henry’s life, such as his university years studying dentistry, his state swimming championship days with Maccabi Games and Melbourne High in which he beat Mark Spitz who went on to win Olympic medals, as well as his experiences of fatherhood. They also represent the subject of Hedy’s own mourning process of her late husband. By placing these objects in a spiral on the floor, she paves a path for audiences to walk through, enabling visitors to take a physical trip down his, and their personal memory lane.