Can we talk about Poland?

Opened: 6 March 2016
Closed: 31 July 2016

This exhibition shed light on Jewish life in post-war Poland through the photographs of prize-winning storyteller, Arnold Zable and contemporary photographer, Lindsay Goldberg.

For many Jews in Melbourne whose families were murdered during the Holocaust, Poland is a place of death and darkness—where Jewish life is only a thing of the past. However, Jewish life in Poland did not end after World War Two. There has been a continuous Jewish presence there during the post-war period, and today we are witnessing a ‘revival’ of Jewish life in Poland, which may be small in number but is great in significance.

Can we talk about Poland? serves as an invitation to talk about Poland, and asks questions that are pertinent to migrants from many backgrounds. It gives us the opportunity to ask how we feel about Poland; what it means to be a Jew of Polish descent; how we can overcome the negative memories and trauma of the Holocaust, to create new connections and meaning; and what we think of the re-emergence of Jewish life in Poland today.

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Supported by:

Malke & Pinek Krystal Scholarship Fund
Helen & Bori Liberman Family
Kay Ronec in honour of my mother Elizabeth Gorski and my late father Stefan Gorski, survivors of the Holocaust, who brought me up to appreciate and be proud of my Polish roots
Isi and Danielle Charak OAM
Denis & Eva Collins
Emma & Henryk Kranz in memory of Hanka & Norman Hendel and Franka & Zygmunt Kranz
Marcia & Henry Pinskier
Renata Singer