Andy Warhol's Jewish Geniuses

Opened: 20 November 2014
Closed: 26 May 2015

Andy Warhol’s famous portrait series of ten iconic 20th century Jewish figures was exhibited in all its screen-printed-brilliance for the first time in Australia. The series includes a dynamic mix of 20th century thinkers, scientists and artists including Sarah Bernhardt (actress), Louis Brandeis (judge), Martin Buber (philosopher), Albert Einstein (physicist), Sigmund Freud (neurologist and founding father of psychoanalysis), George Gershwin (composer), Franz Kafka (writer), Golda Meir (4th Prime Minister of Israel), Gertrude Stein (writer) and The Marx Brothers (actors).

The exhibition explores Warhol’s creation of the ‘celebrity’ image and his selection process behind his Jewish geniuses. It questions how Warhol depicted the public face of famous personalities, and how we receive the images of these famous Jewish figures today.

This was an exhibition of the Jewish Museum Vienna in cooperation with the Jewish Museum of Australia.

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