Wild: Stories of a community pushing boundaries

Opened: 1 September 2019
Closed: 28 February 2020

At the Jewish Museum of Australia, we collect our community’s stories. With this exhibition, we invite you to explore the ways we’ve been wild.

In partnership with the Festival of Jewish Arts and Music, themed ‘walk on the wild side’ for Lou Reed’s declaration of subversion and survival, Wild: Stories of a community pushing boundaries explores what it was like to create a new Jewish community in Australia, on Aboriginal land; the rich history of Jewish activism; and the ways in which Jews have expressed themselves creatively – through art, music and television – in ways that push boundaries.

Come learn about how Melbourne Jews have taken a stand, made a claim and created change in art, politics and identity.

Curated by Dr Jordana Silverstein, Wild: Stories of a community pushing boundaries will be on display at the Jewish Museum of Australia from 1 September 2019 – 28 February 2020.

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