1001 Lights

Opened: 24 March 2019
Closed: 14 July 2019

Experience Shabbat like you never have before through an immersive video installation and experiential exhibition accompanied by a rich calendar of creative and inclusive events.

1001 Lights is an immersive video installation by Canadian new media producers Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer (Mouvement Perpétuel). The installation features the candle-lighting ceremonies of 100 participants from the Jewish community of Montreal, together with hand-gesture choreography by Ami Shulman. The installation was inspired by co-director/producer Philip Szporer’s recollections of his own mother’s candle-lighting ritual. “The moment was, for me, filled with mystery and calm. It appeared deeply transcendent, linking past, present and future,” he explains.

The installation offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic and uniqueness of Shabbat through a mesmerising visual ode to an ancient ritual.

Alongside the video installation is a multi-dimensional exhibition providing visitors with the opportunity to experience the intimacy of a traditional Friday night Shabbat ceremony. Through beautiful objects, contemporary art and personal stories, you’ll have the chance to reflect, share memories and uncover a new appreciation from one of Judaism’s oldest and most celebrated traditions.

Major Exhibition Supporter

The Helen & Bori Liberman Family

Exhibition Sponsor

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Kline family and Geomax Capital