Voices & Visions

April 23, 2014

After an extended stint, Voices & Visions is sadly coming to an end on July 20. Inspiring quotes of Jewish rabbis, sages, philosophers and thinkers have been turned into graphic designed posters by the world’s original Mad Men! American Advertisers and graphic designers of the 1950′s and 1960′s, who also happen to be of Jewish descent – those behind the design of playboy bunny logo, illustrators for New York times and the New York magazine, logo designers of Xerox, Mobil and even the Singapore mint, have lent a hand to graphic design once more. Almost 60 years later these world changing graphic designers still have it, bringing traditional and inspiring Jewish quotes to life and finding pertinence for them today through modern design. The exhibition came from the Jewish organization, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, in the US.

As it was my first exhibition as Curator of the Jewish Museum, I wanted to make it eye-catching, interactive and fun, and of course relevant for our Australian audiences. Local artist, Elizabeth Pedler, responded to the way ideas naturally change over time but that some elements still hold true. Her response was a bold, colourful mural and giant mirror mobile. We also have an interactive poster making station, from which the museum team has held public workshops. It’s been really heart-warming to see adults of all ages, teenagers and children all getting involved and making a poster, sometimes a few each! I had fun compiling modern quotes and graphics for people to make their own wonderful creations and I was so impressed at how professional people’s posters looked.