Simon Starr from Yoni Giraffe talks to us about Purim

February 28, 2019
This Purim we are lucky enough to have Yoni Giraffe come and play their joyful and crazy mix of Purim songs. We sat down with Yoni Giraffe band member, Simon Starr, for his take on Purim.

What does Purim mean to Yoni Giraffe?
Purim is a time when Yoni Giraffe reflects on what it means to be stark staring mad. We love Purim in Israel, total chaos, 24 hours of all of the rules being changed. They also have an amazing array of hamantaschen, including our favourite, Halva Hamantaschen.

What kind of music are you going to play at the Museum to celebrate Purim?
We will be playing a few Purim classics that most people will know, as well as some broader Israeli children’s music.

You have kids of your own. How do you explain the darker aspects of the festival to them?
They perceive a lot of it themselves, just by being around people in altered states on Erev Chag. Our middle child was traumatised by Purim when he was a 1 year old, by the ultra-frum neighbours’ raucous celebrations and the anarchy. When he was a bit older we talked about how people behave when they feel no one can really see them, related it to his own behaviour. As for the Megilla itself, it is by no means the darkest story in the chaggim oeuvre, and our children have seen and experienced plenty, we don’t try and hide things from them. The getting of wisdom can only come through experience.

What’s the wackiest Purim costume you’ve ever worn?
One year, my brother and I were in a Megilla together, locked in and naturally a fairly lively melee ensued, as we were being appraised by the Rabbi on the parade in our shul. It was more whacky than wacky.


Thanks for the chat Simon. Make sure you bring your kids along to see Yoni Giraffe in action, at our free Purim event on Thursday 21 March, 4pm to 6pm. Click here for more info.