JIFF, Staff Picks

November 6, 2013

Wakolda – France, Norway, Spain 2013

The Third Half – Macedonia 2012

JIFF Staff Picks

Eddie Tamir – Festival Director

Garden of Eden ­– Poetic, artful, shows how the power of nature can unify human beings.

Broadway Musicals ­– I don’t like musicals but I love this film.

The Lab – Michael Moore territory, shift in your seat discomforting.

Live and Die in Entebbe ­– thought I had seen and heard it all before, mythbusting.

The Third Half – Balkan circus-like energy emotionally and musically with a Kusturica-like tone.

Tamar Simons – Festival Manager

Numbered – a stunningly beautiful portrayal of the relationship between survivors and their numbers. The trailer brings tears to my eyes every time.

Oma & Bella – I felt like I had stepped back into my Nana’s kitchen. Warm memories of lovingly prepared food accompanied by tales of the past.

No Place on Earth – An incredible story of survival and the power of the human spirit. This inspiring doco is a must see!

Rock the Casbah – A classic war film that highlights the pointlessness of it all. How did we get here and what are we doing??

Wakolda – Whilst the subject matter sounds so incredibly disturbing, this is actually a beautiful and moving film. The cinematography is stunning and the young actress Florencia Bado is captivating.

Lindy Tamir – Sponsorship and Groups Manager

The Lab – Provocative and entertaining doco.

Broadway Musicals – Melts the heart.

No Place on Earth – Uplifting survival story.

Rock the Casbah – Like the beat of this insightful film on war.

Pursued – Confronting and poetic.

Numbered – Israel 2012

The Garden of Eden – Israel 2013

Lior Albeck-Ripka – Marketing Manager

Rock the Casbah – Hot Israeli soldiers, humour and pathos. An amazing depiction of what is going on in the occupied territories.

No Place on Earth – tragic and inspiring holocaust story. These are stories we need to know.

Wakolda – stunning landscape in the patagonian mountains, with haunting music by The Dirty Three – an unsettling story.

Hannah Arendt – Made by a renowned female director, about a woman with a brilliant mind and unpopular ideas, played by an incredible actress – so good.

Aftermath – Emotionally stunted men having to face a terrible past. Harrowing. Hard. Awesome.

Miriam Kauppi – Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Arendt – A wonderfully acted film about a strong woman with a brilliant mind.

Garden of Eden – A window into Israeli society, relationships and culture.

Bethlehem – Totally enthralling, thrilling and complex.

Aftermath – An intense insight into how the power of the past can dominate people’s lives now.

Before the Revolution – An education. The side of a story I hadn’t heard before on this historical event.

Serena Ashmore – Marketing Assistant

Wakolda – Creepy, beautiful

Rock the Casbah – Slick, hard hitting

Oma & Bella – Food and Sassy grannies! Would love to bring mum to see.

Numbered – The culture of tattoos

Cannon Fodder – Zombies and gore, need I say more.

Oma&Bella – Germany USA 2012

No Place On Earth – USA 2012