In conversation with Jess and Stef Dadon from How Two Live

February 14, 2018
On Sunday 11 March our carpark will be transformed into the 'Beehive fashion market' - an Amy Winehouse-inspired market featuring local designers including Ovazania, Ara and Lyra Jewellery, Grandma Funk, Yippy Whippy Art, TWOOBS, Birdskin, Haus of Dizzy and Ummok. We chat with Jess and Stef Dadon from How Two Live, who are curating the market, and discover what these fashion leaders make of the late, great, Amy.

You’re well regarded as fashion and style leaders. And you’re also two Jewish women from Melbourne. How often does your fashion and Jewish heritage merge, and what does that look like?
We have really strong family values which definitely stems from our Jewish upbringing, and we always say we inherited our style gene from our grandmother. Growing up we’d go to her house for Friday night dinner and after shabbat she’d let us raid her closet and try on all her designer accessories and vintage handbags.

Do you consider Amy Winehouse to be a style icon (or is she one of yours?)?
Amy Winehouse’s style was incredibly iconic. Her approach to her own style really resonates with us, she always seemed to be looking for interesting one-off pieces, ways to wear things differently or special vintage finds which is something we definitely have in common.

What sort of impact do you think she had on the fashion world?

Amy’s look was timeless, and we expect to be seeing the beehive, winged eye, vintage look that she made so famous for decades to come.

What can people expect from The Beehive Fashion Market?
There’ll be a really dynamic group of local up and coming designers, some of whom have been on the scene for a while, and other hidden gems you may not have heard of. The brands will range from clothing and jewellery to accessories and homewares.

What excited you about curating this event for the Museum?
The whole process has been really creative and collaborative which has been really great. The Museum essentially came to us with the idea of doing something around the Amy exhibition in line with VAMFF and from there we had a lot of fun figuring out exactly what it could look like. We came up with a few ideas on where we could take it and now that it’s formed into this emerging designer market we’re so excited to finally make it happen!

Great to chat Jess and Stef! Make sure you come to the Museum on Sunday 11 March and grab yourself some goodies. The market is free entry.