In conversation with Ashleigh Kreveld, Amy Winehouse performance artist

November 9, 2017
"Kreveld channels the outspoken and brazen personality of the singer to create a funny and soulful performance that one imagines Winehouse would probably deliver if she came back from the dead" - The Music
Ashleigh Kreveld has performed as Amy Winehouse in her critically acclaimed show 'Frankly Winehouse', teaming classic Amy songs with a glorious British accent, gold hoops, painted eyeliner, signature beehive and red lips. Ashleigh’s latest show, 'Amy and I', has been developed especially for the Jewish Museum of Australia. We got chatting to the diva impersonator to find out more about her.

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into performing?

I studied music theatre at a course in Melbourne called Showfit, and have always loved singing and comedy. I guess I’ve always been a class clown too! It’s always been quite natural for me, to perform, and just extended from there.


How did you come to develop your Amy Winehouse show, Frankly Winehouse?

I decided that I wanted to honour my favourite artist, Amy Winehouse, and create my first show about her. It was a very extensive research period – I got my hands on every interview she had ever done, and read as much as I can. Her lyrics are so evocative so that was quite easy to paint a picture of her in her own words. I watched many clips of hers and, as a true fan of hers, learnt to mimic her vocals as much as I can.


What can audiences expect from ‘Amy and I’ at the Jewish Museum?

They can expect to hear all of Amy’s biggest hits, to have a few laughs and witness a respectful tribute to this amazing artist lost too soon.


What’s your favourite part about performing as Amy?

Performing all her gorgeous songs, especially her heartfelt ballads, are incredibly special to me.


What insights have you made about who she was through your performance of her?

I have gauged that, while she was so outspoken and brazen at times, she was a sweet soul with a sensitive heart – her timeless, evocative lyrics are testament to how deeply she felt things. She was a true musician in every sense.


And finally, what’s your favourite Amy Winehouse song, and why?

I still can get a bit teary listening to her song ‘Wake Up Alone’. It’s about an old lover she is haunted by, and her lyrics are so poetic. It’s a bit daunting to perform every night, but it is just such a beautiful song with quite a melancholic melody.


Thanks Ashleigh! You can watch Ashleigh perform Amy’s greatest hits at the Jewish Museum on Sunday 3 December. Book your tickets to Amy and I here.