‘Andy Warhol’s Jewish Geniuses’ arrive to the Jewish Museum

November 10, 2014

What a busy few weeks it’s been in the curatorial department at the Museum!

On Monday 27 October we had the long awaited arrival of some of Andy Warhol’s most iconic and notorious of works, the series of screen-prints the artist called his Jewish Geniuses. Flown in from Vienna, the works arrived on one of the most rainy days Melbourne has seen in sometime! Safely on site in our secure storage, the works were carefully unpacked and condition checked, and only then was their true vibrancy and complexity revealed to the team.

When finally hung side-by-side in our dramatic newly refurbished gallery, they will be able to shine in all their theatrical glory. We have designed the gallery so it takes on an almost reverential air, creating a space where these magnificent works will glow like pop gems in the darkness to breathtaking effect.

Both the upstairs and downstairs galleries have undergone a complete re-paint ready for installation. New display-panelling and temporary walls have been installed upstairs and the gallery is looking almost unrecognisable. Whilst the show focuses on the original series of ten works, the Museum has worked hard to add a new section exploring Warhol – the man and his work – in more detail. Working with a range of different contractors and providers, the Museum will be adding multi-media, graphics and other props, to create further engaging and informative elements to the exhibition. We have even gone for Warhol inspired vinyl for the walls and subtle disco-lights to add more ‘pop’ to our display!

Also on display is an interview between the Director of the Jewish Museum Vienna and Ron Feldman, providing us with a fascinating insight into what it was really like to work with Warhol. These are accompanied by voices from the past – the voices of the ten Jews who inspired this incredible series.

The remaining Warhol artworks for the Jewish Geniuses show are making their way to us as we write. A wonderful painting of Golda Meir is in the air from Israel and is due to arrive this week. And last but not least, our very own ‘Jewish Genius’, Loti Smorgon, will be transported from the NGV to the Museum very soon. This portrait is simply stunning in all its bright pink and peach glory – and how fitting to have Loti displayed so majestically in the gallery named in her honour!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to display these dramatic works in Australia as the majority of the works have never been displayed together outside of Europe. We can’t wait to welcome everyone here to experience Andy Warhol’s Jewish Geniuses for themselves.