An evening with inspirational speaker Roy Doliner at the Jewish Museum of Australia

September 2, 2014

An evening with inspirational speaker – Roy Doliner Co-author of The Sistine Secrets and the Hidden Jewish Symbolism of Michelangelo.

Roy Doliner is the co-author of the international best seller The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo’s Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican. Like Dan Brown’s fictional “art detective” Robert Langdon, Roy is often called to solve mysteries in the art world and was responsible for the discovery of a lost masterpiece of Michelangelo.

His decoding of Michelangelo’s secret messages has been the subject of several television documentaries and has resulted in his being flown around the world to speak at the Knesset in Israel, the Presidential Palace of Italy, the Columbus Centre in Toronto, Yale University and many times inside the Sistine Chapel itself. He is the recipient of rave reviews: “a dynamic speaker”, “entertaining and intriguing”, “brilliant”, “captivating” and so on.

The Jewish Museum of Australia was proud to present a unique evening with inspirational speaker Roy Doliner last month. Jewish Museum of Australia Events Coordinator, Efrat Goldberg writes of her experience of the Roy Doliner event:

Thank you Roy for a fabulous evening, at the Jewish Museum. The packed audience were ever so eager in anticipation of hearing you talk. Talk you did for over one and a half hours and you had the audience captivated from the first to last minute. As a speaker you are engaging, thorough and very entertaining. It is easy to see when you present that you have researched with such depth, knowledge and passion. Your uncovering of the extensive Jewish symbolism present in the Sistine Chapel is so obvious to the layperson when pointed out that it is hard to believe it has taken until now to be uncovered. Do visit Melbourne again, our community embrace you.