Jewish Food and Symbolism

Year levels 5 – 12  

Uncover the impact and relevance of food in the Jewish faith and culture. Jewish ceremonial and cultural foods have transcended countless expulsions, migrations, and cultural impacts. In this delectable program, students come together to taste a variety of traditional foods, hear stories about their associated festivals and origins, and explore how food impacts culture and history. Engage with an open heart, mind and, of course, stomach!

Includes: Museum tour, synagogue visit and food tasting experience.

Duration: 2 hours 

Cost: $15 

Learning objectives 

  • Identify how the symbolism of food intersects with Jewish history, culture, and ritual. 
  • Analyse Jewish history, culture, and rituals through the lens of food. 
  • Report on the origins and significance of Jewish food. 
  • Examine individual connections to food and personal identity.