Calling Australia Home

Australia’s immigration story

The Museum’s flagship exhibition, Calling Australia Home, reveals Australia’s Jewish history. It tracks Jewish immigration to Australia, which in every way mimics the reasons that every group came to Australia. It explores the reasons different migrant groups had for coming to Australia, and the contributions they made to an Australian Jewish identity.

Our education resources, class room activities including lesson plans, and excursion will assist teachers in their delivery of the immigration unit, and in developing the students’ understanding of the role that migrants have played in Australian society. Students can use the prepared activities to explore the Calling Australia Home gallery in pairs, and can take their findings back to their class when the excursion is over. This program can easily be combined with a more general Museum visit, that explains Jewish beliefs and rituals.

Learning Areas of Humanities: History, and Humanities: Civics and Citizenship for levels 5, 6, 9 and 10 of the new Victorian Curriculum of 2017.


Ethical Capability
Intercultural Capability
Interpersonal Development
Jewish Studies