Calling Australia Home

Calling Australia Home tells the story of Jewish life in Australia since the arrival of the first Jewish convicts about the First Fleet in 1788.

It looks at the unique situation of Jews in this country through three lenses – migration and diversity, context and conditions, and community life; considers the successive waves of Jewish migration; and explores the impact of these demographic changes. Many of the stories featured illustrate the intersection of Jewish culture and the Australia context and how these combined to shape our community today.

Our education resources, classroom activities including lesson plans, and excursion will assist teachers in their delivery of the immigration unit and in developing students’ understanding of the role migrants have played in Australian society. Students can use the prepared activities to explore the Calling Australia Home gallery in pairs, and can take their findings back to their class when the excursion is over. This program can be combined with a more general Museum visit that explains Jewish beliefs and rituals.

This program is suited to Years 5–10 (all curriculum types).

Resources for Teachers

Download our Calling Australia Home Teacher’s Resource here.

Purchase our Calling Australia Home catalogue, an invaluable resource for those teaching immigration or Jewish history, here.


Civics & Citizenship
Ethical Capability
Intercultural Capability
Jewish Studies