Memory to Manuscript: Memoir Writing with Rachelle Unreich

Sunday 3pm–4.30pm
From: 19 May 2024
To: 26 May 2024
Rachelle Unreich

Over two Sundays, journalist and author Rachelle Unreich (A Brilliant Life: My Mother’s Inspiring Journey of Surviving the Holocaust) shares her knowledge in this two-part series. Having collected her mother’s story before she died in a series of interviews, Rachelle wrote her book – which has been sold around the world, in Australia/NZ, US/Canada, UK and South Africa.

In part one, Rachelle will focus on the importance of storytelling and record-keeping, and why all family stories are essential – not just the ones of perceived historical value. These stories, she says, can be part of a family’s legacy – and their psychological wellbeing, too. In this session, Rachelle will be joined by Romy Moshinsky, Real Publishing, who will give the publisher’s perspective on the topic.

In part two, Rachelle will offer practical advice: how to conduct interviews, what to ask, what to do for family members no longer living, how to do research, investigating sources and resources and how to collate the material that has amassed.

This workshop provides valuable tools for individuals interested in history, roots, and legacy. It caters to those who may not yet be prepared to write but are curious or exploring the idea. Join us to delve into this enriching opportunity.

You can purchase a copy of Rachelle’s book, A Brilliant Life: My Mother’s Inspiring Journey of Surviving the Holocaust from the JMA Design Store.

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