There are many ways in which you can support the Jewish Museum of Australia.

The significance of leaving a bequest in your Will cannot be overvalued. Through your Will, you can create a lasting legacy for what you consider to be most important. There are many benefits to having a Will, but the main reason is to ensure that the decision of where your assets and belongings go remains your decision. Naturally, thinking about the end of your life is not something you like to dwell on, but thinking about what will happen to your loved ones, your assets and personal possessions is important.

Given its importance, it is surprising how many people do not get around to making a Will. A Will gives you the opportunity to say how you wish your estate, whether large or small, to be distributed among those who are important to you. This includes community organisations such as the Jewish Museum of Australia.

Regardless of your age, a Will ensures adequate planning for the future and peace of mind. Making a Will is not expensive, but failing to do so could prove costly to your family. By not having a Will, you allow the State to decide who should benefit from your estate. Having a current and legal Will gives you full control of your assets and their future distribution. It also avoids legal delays and unnecessary stress at a most difficult time for your family and friends.