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Belief and Ritual

Highlighting and explaining the foundations of Judaism’s religious and ethical beliefs

Monday Afternoon1pm - 3pm

Monday evening7:30pm - 9:30pm


The Immoral Bible?

Paul Forgasz

7 week course November 7, 14, 21, 28, December 5, 12, 19

Violence, deception, murder, incest and vengeance. These are just some of the topics we will explore through a close reading of various narrative and legal texts from the Bible.  
In doing so we will gain an insight into the various moral perspectives of the Bible. It can be difficult for modern readers to internalise the moral boundaries and world view of the Bible and to
know whether the author of a particular biblical text is commending or condemning certain behaviours. In this course we will attempt to make sense of some of the more morally problematic texts from the Bible.
* This is a repeat of the course Biblical Morality last presented in 2012

Cost: $196 (member) $225 (non-member)

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Timeline of Jewish History

Depicting 4000 years of rich and remarkable history

Monday evening 7.30pm - 9.30pm


Revelation & Revolution

David Solomon

4 week course November 28. December 5, 12, 19

The 18th Century is the source of much that comprises
the modern Jewish world. In this fascinating four part
series, David Solomon discusses and explores some of the
outstanding personalities, intellectual themes and deep
issues that have shaped the past 200 years of Jewish
history. Among just some of the movements and ideas
discussed will be the influence of the Ramchal, the rise
of Chassidut, the life of the Gra, the school of the Rashash,
the impact of the Haskalah, and several antinomian

Cost: $130 (member) $155 (non-member)

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Monday evening 7.30pm - 9.30pm


Is Political Destiny Determined by Topography?

Erez Feinberg

3 week course December 5, 12, 19

This course uses the land as a tool to unlock Israel’s
complex history and politics and over 3 sessions will
examine the following:

The physical, botanical and human layers of Israel and its
creation and the Jewish peoples’ connection to Jerusalem.
The Rift Valley - war and peace since the establishment of
Israel and the issue of water in Israel today.

The Coastal area - the Zionist revolution and its impact on
life in Israel today

Course deferred to 2017. Register your interest by emailing

Monday Afternoons1pm - 3pm


The Truth of Personal Experience

Anne Freadman

6 week course November 7, 14, 21, 28, December 5, 12

This course will focus on diaries written by Jews in France between 1940 and 1944 when it was occupied by the Nazis. The course will examine different styles of writing including
memoirs, historical documents and letters but with a special focus on diaries that offer a particular insight into the writers’ lives.

Discussion will centre on how large historical events and personal life intersected and deal with the issues of identity in daily life at that time.

Cost: $175 (member) $200(non-member)

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Monday Morning10:15am - 12:15pm


Are we Living in an Age of Genocide?

Sue Hampel

5 week course November 21, 28, December 5, 12, 19

This course explores the Holocaust as a turning point in human history, the causes and effects of modern genocides and examines what is now being done to prevent mass
atrocities across the world. The central aim of the course is to provide a detailed historical understanding of specific incidents of mass killings and genocide in the twentieth
century, focusing on a selection of the following case studies Armenia, Australia, Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda.
The course will look closely at the United Nations Genocide Convention and its role in the definition and prevention of genocide.
The course will be structured around historical analysis, talks by survivors of genocide (if possible) and films.
* This is a repeat of The Holocaust to Darfur - Modern Genocides course offered in 2010

Cost: $140 (member) $165 (non-member)

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• Fees cover the entire course regardless of how many weeks you attend;
• Places will ONLY be confirmed once payment is made;
• If you withdraw from a course 14 days prior to start date, you will be charged an administration fee of $35;
• No refunds will be issued once the course commences;
• Most courses will only run with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 25 participants and are subject to change. Prices include GST.


Erez Feinberg Erez Feinberg is the Head of informal Jewish education at SFPS Mount Scopus and is the Chairperson for Zionism Victoria Executive - Department of “Hebrew Language and Israeli Culture”. Born in Jerusalem (8 Generations "Yerushalmi"), he is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an MA in School Leadership & Certified manager of Education Systems and Policies, an Education Diploma in Civil Studies; Education Diploma in tour guiding: Ministry of Education and a BA in International Relations & Geography. He has previously worked as the Education Director for the Jewish National Fund - Victoria Division. He also managed trips and taught at the Hebrew Gymnasya in Jerusalem: the role included the field of FNS (Field, Nation & Society) & Knowledge of Israel; FNS contributes to youth education and social processes including knowledge of the environment and understanding of the linkage between the Lands, to the Jewish people. Erez was also a "Mashatzim" leader (youth movement of the Ministry of Education), teaching exceptional secondary school students to be excellent leaders within the high school framework and Israeli society in general

Anne Freadman Anne Freadman (BA, LèsL, MA, PhD, FAHA) is a scholar of French literature. She worked at the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, and then returned to the University of Melbourne in 2004 to take up the
A.R. Chisholm Chair of French. She retired from that position in 2012 and is now an Honorary Principal Professorial Fellow.
She has published on French poetry, on French women writers, and on questions concerning both literary and non-literary genres. She has also written on issues to do with the teaching of ‘culture’ in modern language curricula. Apart from collaborative publications, she has published a book on the American philosopher Charles Peirce, and one on the French writer Colette. She is currently researching the diaries of Jews in France under the Nazi occupation.

Sue Hampel Sue Hampel was an English and History teacher for over 30 years at Mount Scopus Memorial College in Melbourne. She is currently working as International Programs co-ordinator and senior tutor in Holocaust, Genocide and Post Conflict studies at Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation (ACJC), Monash University. Sue is co-president of the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre.
Sue has been recognised for her community service by receiving numerous awards including a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in January 2014 for Service to the community through the promotion of understanding and tolerance through education. Sue holds a Masters degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Sue has led numerous groups of students and adults to Poland and Rwanda.

David Solomon David Solomon is a globally roaming scholar, teacher, writer and translator, currently completing the first-ever English translation of the fundamental kabbalisitc text, Tiqunei HaZohar. David teaches Jewish History, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew, and Kabbalah; he is, however, perhaps best known for his dynamic presentation, The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour. For more information please visit

Paul Forgasz Paul Forgasz’ career has spanned
both the secondary and tertiary sectors of education. For more than a decade he was the Headmaster of the secondary school campus of Mount Scopus College. Currently Paul lectures in Jewish history at Monash University’s Australian Centre for Jewish Education and he also teaches about Jewish education in the university’s Faculty of Education. Paul has maintained an active involvement for many years in Jewish adult education. For a number of years Paul was the head of faculty at the Florence Melton Adult Mini School in Melbourne. He has also developed and taught a great many of the Jewish Museum of Australia's short course programs with which he is still involved. Paul has contributed regularly to Limmud OZ since its inception. He has been the community scholar-in-residence for the Jewish Education Institute in Pittsburgh,
the Shalom Institute in Sydney, The Abraham
Institute in Adelaide and the Wellington Jewish Community Centre. Since 2010, under
the auspices of the Jewish Museum of Australia,
Paul has led a number of sell-out study tours
focusing on Jewish medieval Spain and on the Jews of Germany. In 2014, he also plans to conduct a Jewish heritage tour of Eastern Europe.