Tomorrow Starts Today


In a time when community is dispersed, and intolerance and prejudice continue to grow, the Jewish Museum provides a reason to gather together, to explore and share ideas and exchange perspectives.

Our Museum is an entirely unique cultural institution that has the profound opportunity to celebrate a truly global people – the Jewish people – through an Australian prism, with social engagement and connection at its heart.

We can be a space that inspires curiosity, playfulness and conversation, with a personality and point of view that ensures authenticity and inclusion. We want to create world-class exhibitions, programs and events, to design experiences that tell our stories.

Our tomorrow starts today and we invite you to be a part of it. 

With 90 percent of our annual funding derived through non-government sources, we depend on people like you to keep engaging people with Jewish culture.

Big or small, a gift to the Museum has a far-reaching impact – both for our community and multiculturalism in Australia.