The ABCs of Israel & the Middle East (Zoom)

Dates & Cost 

4.30–6.15pm 13, 20 & 27 October 2020
$75 per participant
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About the Program

The ABCs of Israel & the Middle East will look at the history and conflicts as well as challenges and possibilities for Israel and its neighbours. In this three-session short course, teachers will learn about the key people, decisions and events that led to the creation of the State of Israel, as well as those which have led to the turmoil the world has seen in recent years.

Zvi’s interactive and discussion-based delivery uses documents, images, maps and videos, requiring no prior knowledge and leaving academia, historiography and post-modernism at the door.

Australian Curriculum Connections

Secondary Curriculum: Modern History Unit 4: The Modern World Since 1945 – The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East

Assist in teaching students the correct chronology, terms and concepts for this unit (ACHMH171-176)

Analyse and use sources relevant to Israel and the Middle East (ACHMH177-179)

Provide insight into the different perspectives and interpretations of the Middle East conflict (ACHMH180-182) amongst other learning outcomes.

The significance and consequences of key conflicts between Arabs and Israelis, including the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-49, the Suez War (1956), the Six-Day War (1967), the Yom Kippur War (1973), Israeli military intervention in Lebanon (1978, 1982, 2006), and Israel’s decision to withdraw from Gaza in 2005 (ACHMH216)

The nature and consequences of Palestinian reactions to Israel, including the Intifada (1987–94) and the 2nd Intifada (2000–2006) (ACHMH217)

About Zvi Civins

Zvi Civins is an experienced Jewish educator. He has held the positions of Principal at The King David School, Head of Jewish Studies at Bialik College, and Director of Education at the Jewish Holocaust Centre. Having studied and travelled in Israel, Zvi is fluent in Hebrew and has deep knowledge of the region. He acknowledges passionate political and cultural responses can arise and teaches with an open mind, recognising Israel’s achievements and shortcomings.

Image: Jewish National Tree Fund certificate, 1948, Melbourne.