Soldier, Son and Service

This new education program offers students a hands-on, tactile exploration of a personal World War One story. Through a soldier’s suitcase and its contents, donated to the Museum by the family of Dalbert Hallenstein, students can start to put together the heartbreaking human story of war. Within the program students can explore replicas of trench maps, notebooks, letters from family and uniforms to learn about the courageous soldiers and nurses. This is social history at its best.

Created collaboratively by history teachers from Melbourne’s leading Jewish schools and Monash university lecturer, Rosalie Triolo, this program addresses the Australian Curriculum on the subject of WW1, taught in year 9 across secondary schools in Victoria. Themes include Australia as a nation, immigration, democracy and citizenship.

‘Soldier, son and service’ can be delivered in conjunction with a standard Museum visit, teaching students about the beliefs, traditions and migration history of Australia’s Jews, a group that is no larger than half a percent of the total population.

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Civics & Citizenship
Diversity & Identity
Intercultural Capability
Interpersonal Development