Mock Passover Feast

In this memorable, interactive activity, students see the Passover* table set for the feast, with ceremonial foods provided to taste.

Individual students are given a role for the event. We explain the order of this special feast, and tell the tale of the 10 plagues, using a dramatic script and props. If you are interested, we can also send you a song to learn.

The presentation of this program is tailored to the year level of the students, yet the essence remains and results in a unique, experiential learning opportunity. The Last Supper is also explained, with a deeper understanding of the Jewish and Christian connection encouraged.

For Religion and Society students in Years 10 and 11, the opportunity to delve into the material in a more detailed and richer way opens up via Q&A sessions. These steer discussions and deepen insights.

*Passover is the Jewish festival that celebrates freedom. In modern times families come together to celebrate and a ceremonial feast takes place. Certain foods are eaten to recall the events of the past and the important ideas from this festival which we incorporate in our lives.

This program is suitable for Years 3–8 (Catholic) and Years 10–11 (Religion & Society). 


Civics & Citizenship
Ethical Capability
Intercultural Capability
Interpersonal Development
Religion and Society
Religious Education
Sacred Texts and Sacred Stories
Texts and Traditions