Mock Passover feast

In this interactive and memorable activity students see the *Passover table set for the feast, with ceremonial foods provided to taste. Individual students are given a script and a role for this event. We explain the order of this special feast, and tell the tale of the ten plagues, using a dramatic script and props. If you are interested, we can also send you a song to learn.

Depending on the year level of the students, the presentation of this program is amended appropriately. The essence, however, remains, resulting in a unique and dynamic experiential learning opportunity. The Last Supper is also explained and a deeper understanding of the Jewish and Christian connection is revealed and emphasised.

For ‘Religion and Society’ students in Years 10 and 11 the opportunity to delve into the material in a more detailed and richer way opens up via Q&A sessions. These steer discussions and deepen insights.

*Passover is the Jewish festival that celebrates freedom. In modern times families come together to celebrate and a ceremonial feast takes place. Certain foods are eaten to recall the events of the past and the important ideas from this festival which we incorporate in our lives.


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