MIRKA for VCE Students: Twentieth-Century History (Unit 1) & Australian History (Unit 4)

MIRKA is an immersive exhibition that reflects the artist’s trademark mischievousness and bohemian spirit, and shares her powerful story in vivid detail – as told through artwork, letters, sketchbooks and diaries, and recorded interviews.

This is a curated 75 minute visit that supports VCE History students’ analysis of social life and cultural expression in Europe post-World War One and in Australia post-World War Two. It focuses on the lives of Mirka and Georges Mora – their survival and political action during the Holocaust, their immigration to Australia and contribution to Melbourne’s cultural life. Students are provided with a unique and nuanced view of both Twentieth-Century History and Australian History by putting them in conversation with one another.

The visit includes access to the temporary exhibition MIRKA as well as the permanent collection and a 20-minute Q&A session with Museum staff. It aligns with the key knowledge and key skills as outlined in VCE Twentieth-Century History Unit 1, Area of Study 2 (Social & cultural change), Outcome 2; and VCE Australian History Unit 4, Area of Study 2 (Voices for change 1965-2000), Outcome 2.

This program is suited to Years 11 & 12 (Twentieth Century History – Unit 1 and Australian History – Unit 4).

Image: Dan Cahill, Jewish Museum of Australia, 2020


Australian History