Preserving Your Family’s Culinary Heritage with Jewish Food Society

5 August 2021
Thursday 10.00am – 11.15am

Family recipes carry with them the marrow of who we are as individuals and as a people. They reveal where we’ve been, how we celebrate, mourn, endure, and love. Join the New York-based Jewish Food Society for this virtual workshop on preserving your family’s culinary heritage and learn how to document your family’s treasured recipes and the history behind them.

Join the culinary team at JFS on Zoom for guidance on interviewing family members, how to translate recipes that say “a pinch of this, and a bissel of that” into a polished keepsake for generations to come, and discuss why family recipes matter more than ever right now.

Workshop format
Part 1: Introduction + About the Jewish Food Society archive
Now, more than ever, it’s not only important to document your family’s history, but also to reach out and connect with older generations.

Part 2: How to pick a recipe + document a story 
Sometimes, it’s not about the recipe that’s served the most often, but rather the one that tells the best story. Using examples from the JFS archive, you’ll learn how to pick a recipe, what questions to ask and how to ask them, how to record your interview, how to prepare the person you are going to interview, and what to do if your ideal subject is sadly no longer with us.

Part 3: Cooking session + documenting the recipe
Using images from past cooking sessions, you’ll discover how to hold your own cooking session, whether that’s in person or over the phone. You’ll learn how to transcribe an oral recipe, document ingredients and approximate measurements, make common substitutions, estimate yield, and what to photograph along the way.

You’ll receive worksheets that give you the tools you need to conduct your interview and turn an oral recipe or recipe notes into a working recipe. Inspired by the workshop, you can go back to your own family and use our worksheets to preserve your family’s culinary heritage.

About The Jewish Food Society
The Jewish Food Society is a non-profit organisation based in NYC that works to preserve, celebrate, and revitalise Jewish culinary heritage. Through a vibrant digital recipe archive and community events, it provides a deeper connection to Jewish life.

Image: Penny De Los Santos for Jewish Food Society


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$25 Museum member