The Art of Looking (Slowly)

7 July 2024
Sunday 3–4pm
Jewish Museum of Australia

‘The question is not what you look at, but what you see.’–Henry David Thoreau

Twenty-seven seconds. That’s how long the average person spends looking at a work of art.

The JMA invites you to look – slowly – at objects on display now in our gallery spaces. With paper and pencils provided, spend at least 10 minutes observing, reflecting, sketching or writing in response to each of the pieces.

We will then come together as a group in front of the selected works to discuss our experiences.

Why are we hosting this program?

This exercise takes its inspiration from Slow Art Day – a global initiative for the art world which comes at a time when most of us feel we are forever speeding up and slowing down has become a luxury and a challenge.

The art world is taking stock of how a broader cultural bias towards speed and mass consumption has informed our museum experiences. Part of the mission of Slow Art Day is to make art experiences more inclusive by creating a context where people will include themselves – for those who do not feel like the traditional Western museums are designed for them, it provides a way into the art experience.

Image: Dean Schmideg, opening of Where We Are, Jewish Museum of Australia, 2024.


This program is free to attend and is included with your ticket to enter the JMA.