From: 27 October 2020
To: 13 December 2020
Upper Terrace, Birrarung Marr

While we won’t open our doors until January – and set hearts aflame with MIRKA from Valentine’s Day – we’re delighted to reunite with you at Sukkah. A collaboration with Zahava Elenberg, Creator of Clikclax, Director of Move-in and Co-Founder of Elenberg Fraser Architecture, Sukkah invites you to reflect on humanity and what it means to be in a community. Crafted from Polycarbonate in translucent earth, sky and desert colours, it provides shelter and encourages us to look out towards the never-ending sky and beyond adversity. So until we can meet again at our Museum, we hope you enjoy Sukkah – and think, dream and feel together.

Artist’s Statement

This Sukkah is a temporary shelter in memory of the huts used by the Israelites as they wandered the Sinai Desert during their exodus from Egypt. It is a place of memory and empathy for those who are homeless and displaced. The walls are the colours of the earth, desert and etrog (the fruit of the citron tree). The blue eaves remind us of the never-ending sky and encourage us to look beyond adversity. The roof is clear to see the stars at night, connected with shades of the lulav (hadas – the myrtle tree, aravah – the willow tree, and lulav – the palm frond). The lulav reminds us that there can be taste with no scent, smell with no taste, and neither taste nor scent – but bound together the attributes of one make up for the deficiencies of the other, and we are stronger together than apart. The etrog, which has both taste and scent, encourages us to be whole and practice all the good deeds we can – to be kind, patient and sentient. In this time of uncertainty and isolation, the Sukkah brings us together to reflect on humanity and what it is to be a community.

Zahava Elenberg, 2020.


Bringing us together as restrictions lift, Sukkah is a symbol of community – and we’re ever grateful for those within ours whose generosity enabled it.

Tim Hall & Associates
Gideon Kline and Family
Lionel Krongold and the Krongold Group of Companies
Multicultural Museums Victoria
Studio Round

Program Partner