Study tour: Israel through the ladder of time

From: 30 April 2019
To: 19 May 2019

Join us for our first study tour of Israel in 2019. Experience the amazing story of the Jews in Israel as an unfolding chronological narrative. Step back in time and relive the events and significant historical moments that shaped the experience of the Jewish people in Israel throughout the centuries. Also engage with key sociocultural, religious, ideological and geopolitical issues that confront the modern State of Israel. From Jerusalem to the Negev, the Dead Sea to Tel Aviv, and all the falafel you can eat in between, experience all Israel has to offer with this illuminating and in-depth tour of the Holy Land.

The timing of the tour will also enable you to experience Yom Hashoa, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut commemorations and celebrations.The tour will be led by experienced tour leader and educator Paul Forgasz, along with Ilan Bloch, an expatriate Australian who made aliyah and is passionate about teaching Israeli history and current events.

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