Rosa by Ros Collins Book Launch

22 September 2019
Sunday 2pm
Jewish Museum of Australia

We are excited for Ros Collins to launch Rosa: Memories with Licence, an Anglo-Jewish migrant memoir spanning 90 years, at the Museum in conjunction with our Calling Australia Home exhibition.

Revel in an in conversation between Ros and The Age’s Julie Szego, then enjoy an afternoon tea of lamingtons and scones.

A taste of Rosa:

“I write to entertain. ‘Life and times?’ Shall we delve deeply into world history, cataclysmic events, or reflect on a dystopian future? I think not. Let me open a small window into some unfamiliar scenes of Anglo-Australian-Jewish life. Rosa’s journey starts in London and the finish line for this ‘ten-pound Pom’ will be Melbourne. Enjoy!

As British as Earl Grey tea, ‘Rosa’ has spent most of her life in Melbourne. Her children and grandchildren are all Australian-born, as was Alan, her writer husband. But Rosa is hesitant about an unconditional commitment to Vegemite, mateship and the ANZAC legend; she remains a perennial migrant, often amused by her memories, here presented with a deliberate overlay of lies and licence.

Her family’s history is nearer to Dickens than the shtetls of Eastern Europe; Rosa herself recalls Dunkirk and the Blitz. Beyond the conservatism of 1950s London that she escaped, Rosa flings open the windows and doors to invite the reader into her Anglo-Australian-Jewish family. She refrains from delving into deep psychological examinations of what it means to be an only child, an only grandchild, a reluctant Jewish teenager, and muse to a man whose terrible childhood scarred him for life; the ‘clues’ are all there for the curious reader to discover.”

We hope to see you at the Museum 22 September for this special event.

Image: Rosa: Memories with License, 2019, Hybrid Publishers: Melbourne, Australia.