#MyMirka: Share Your Mirka Mora Story

From: 28 May 2021
To: 31 August 2021

Mirka Mora meant so many things to so many people: as an artist, an icon, a learner, a teacher, a survivor and a friend. The Jewish Museum of Australia invites you to tell your story about Mirka Mora as part of a communal storytelling initiative, #MyMirka.

With your contribution, #MyMirka will become a rich archive of stories and anecdotes about Mirka Mora – about the encounters she had, the art she made and the lives she touched.

We invite you to tell your #MyMirka story: perhaps it was something brief like a chance encounter on the streets of Melbourne or attending a class she taught at CAE. Perhaps it was something more enduring. You can even just share your experience of seeing her art and what it means to you.

You can submit your story using 200 words and include any relevant photos that support your #MyMirka story. Please note that your contribution may be featured online or become part of a curated live storytelling event in October.

Submissions are now closed.

Image: 1961 © The Estate of J.Brian McArdle