Business Network Breakfast: Richard Yetsenga

14 November 2019
Thursday 7.15–9am
Jewish Museum of Australia

“This time really is different”

At this Business Network Breakfast, Richard Yetsenga will share his views on domestic and global economies. We are currently experiencing record low interest rates with further cuts forecast, political uncertainty, trade wars – what will drive the future growth of our economy?

Chief Economist and Head of Research at ANZ, Richard leads the bank’s global economic and markets research efforts, with a focus on Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

With more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, he joined ANZ in 2011 via HSBC, where he served as Managing Director and Global Head of Emerging Market FX Strategy. Prior to this, Richard held economics and markets strategy roles with Deutsche Bank and the Australian Government.

Publishing on issues of broad relevance – why technology’s challenges eclipse the rise of China, the benefits of difference, and how GDP and welfare are parting company – he regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Sky News, and contributes to The Australian and Australian Financial Review.

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