The Jews in the land of the Russian Tsars

Monday afternoon 12.45pm to 3pm
From: 12 February 2018
To: 5 March 2018
Paul Forgasz
4 week course (February 12, 19, 26, March 5)

In the middle of the eighteenth century, there were practically no Jews living in Russia. By the end of that century, Russia had annexed most of Poland’s eastern territories and acquired a massive Jewish population for the first time in its history. Most Jews were confined to living within the Pale of Settlement. Many new spiritual, political, cultural and religious movements would develop, including Zionism and Hasidism. In this course, Paul Forgasz’s classes will examine the very rich and textured story of the Jews in the land of the Russian Tsars.

This course also includes some lessons from Marcia Jacobs, who will be looking at selected works of literature which reflected that period so evocatively.

Please note Paul’s classes overlap considerably with the evening course In the Pale and beyond the Pale:Jews in Russia.


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