Short Course: Can We Trust the Bible?

Thursdays 1–3pm
From: 18 July 2024
To: 22 August 2024
Paul Forgasz
6 week course (July 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15, 22)

Renowned scholar of Jewish history and culture Paul Forgasz leads this 6-week course unpacking the many complex facets of the question: Can we trust the Bible?

E.H. Carr, author of What is History? – a classic work on historical method – suggests that a ‘serious historian’ cannot ‘invoke God as an explanation of particular historical events’.

In this course, with Carr’s words in mind, you will examine how useful the Bible really is as a source for reconstructing the history of ancient Israel. Whilst seeking to understand the relationship of the biblical writers to their own past, you will also study the role of the contemporary historian and their scholarship.

Join Paul on this expansive deep dive into the Bible as historical reference.

Image: Vincent van Gogh, Still Life with Bible, 1885

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Paul Forgasz is a renowned scholar of Jewish history and culture. Known for his extensive knowledge of Jewish thought and tradition and his engaging lectures and publications, Paul has facilitated many events throughout our community. He is well known to the Jewish Museum community as a regular contributor to our adult education program. Paul has led many study tours overseas, taking us on fascinating journeys of Jewish history, from Poland to Spain, Germany and Austria.