Short Courses – the word is out! by Leah Justin.

Short courses on a Monday day and night are overflowing with people wanting to understand ‘How Jesus the faithful Jew became a Christian’ a 4 week short course in our adult education program. Catholic school principals and clergy, Uniting Church congregants and members of our own rich and varied Jewish  community are engrossed in this course which Paul Forgasz offers with his consummate flair and scholarship. Students come from as far afield as Flinders, Mornington and Belgrave , some driving for two hours to arrive in time to enjoy the discussion and analysis. They should be  exhausted.. Not at all !! They  declare that they are exhilarated.. “it’s the highlight of our day”. What is wonderful to observe is the shared and open dialogue and really profound observations  that are occurring in the space and  all facilitated  so expertly by Paul’s erudition . Listening to Paul explain what some Yiddish expressions like kvetch and noodnik is also a joy (you have to be in the class to appreciate why) and as in many of our courses there is always  plenty of room for  both learning and laughter .

This course will be repeated later in the year because of the overwhelming popular demand but you’ll have to be quick to secure a place.. the word is out!

2 thoughts on “Short Courses – the word is out! by Leah Justin.

  1. Please let me know when this course on how Jesus the faithful Jew became a Christian will be repeated…hopefully later in the year (Oct?). Also can you put my name on the list.

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