Study tour of Spain: In the Footsteps of Sephardi Jewry

From: 29 May 2018
To: 13 June 2018

Visit the old city of Cordoba, the medieval sites of Granada, and see a Flamenco show in Seville. Our Museum tour of Spain will be an unmissable highlight for 2018. Join Paul Forgasz on a magical and illuminating journey, tracing Sephardi Jewry and beyond, against a rich and colourful Spanish backdrop. As you visit particular sites you will re-live significant historical moments; step into the shoes of the great medieval Spanish Jewish poets, statesmen, scientists, philosophers and mystics; and enter the vast cultural and intellectual storehouse of this once thriving centre of Jewish civilisation. The itinerary has been designed in a way which will enable you to experience the story of the Jews of Spain as an unfolding chronological narrative.

Paul Forgasz lectures in Jewish history at Monash University’s Centre for Jewish Civilisation. Paul is well known as a presenter to many Limmud Oz audiences, as well as a regular contributor to the Jewish Museum’s adult education program.

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