'Shira's Journey' screening followed by Q&A with Carol Gordon | 'The Jews of Greece'

27 August 2017
Afternoon 3pm
Jewish Museum of Australia

Join us for the viewing of the documentary Following Shira’s Journey: A Greek Jewish Odyssey that is featured in The Jews of Greece exhibition. The screening will be followed by Q&A with director Carol Gordon.

About the film:

More than 60,000 Greek Jews perished in the Nazi concentration camps, and yet the experiences of Greece’s Jewish population during the Holocaust have remained relatively unknown until now. In the post-war years, fear, suspicion, economic hardship and civil war relegated the sad history of the Greek Jews to the horrors of a time people preferred to forget.

Interviews with Greek-Jewish Holocaust survivors, as well as second and third generation survivors, offer insights into these now extinct communities, and their much smaller modern-day descendants determined to keep culture and traditions alive — especially in the face of anti-Semitism.

Documentary film-maker and screen-play writer: Carol Gordon

Documentary co-director and editor: Natalie Cunningham

Classification: Not yet rated, 51 mins.

Country: Australia, Greece.