Professional Development Courses for Teachers

New ethical capability curriculum – staff teacher professional development day

In the new ethical capability curriculum, teachers are expected to introduce students to different religions and world views. A range of relevant precepts are also introduced,  which can include those from the five most common religions and a secular world view
representative of humanism and rationalism.

At a time when the press alarms us about the appropriateness of multiculturalism, a staff program at the Jewish Museum is a way of showing leadership by modelling the behaviours we expect to instil in our students. The Museum can organise a day of challenges and new experiences delivered by highly professional educators, at a friendly and safe environment. Refreshments or lunch can be provided upon request.

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These programs are accredited by the Catholic Education Office of Melbourne, attendance and participation accrues accreditation points.


3.5 hours Category C


Come to the Jewish Museum of Australia to learn about Passover and the traditions associated with it. Paul Forgasz will explain the story and the rituals that have developed since the exodus to commemorate the redemption of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to freedom. You will taste the unleavened bread, hear the traditional rendition of the 4 questions as Paul guides you through the steps of the Passover feast (Seder), explaining the deep symbolism along the way.

Paul will discuss the connection between Last Supper and the Seder and explain some of the different views regarding the chronology of the last days of Jesus’ life. Participants will be guided through the Museum by a trained guide and will come to understand the connection between the Torah, and the stories contained in it, and contemporary Jewish life.

This will be of special interest for any teacher who is keen to expand their knowledge in the area of identity, traditional festivals and stories, milestones of life, religious ritual, looking to contextualise Jesus and his Jewishness.

Date: Thursday 1 September 2016

Time: 1pm-4.30pm

Venue: Jewish Museum of Australia – 26 Alma Road, St. Kilda

Cost: $45 per participant

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3.5 hours Category A/C

Explore the Jewish world of Jesus against the backdrop of the Jewish Museum of Australia’s permanent exhibition of Jewish history, life and culture, as well as the nearby St Kilda synagogue. Beginning with a portrait of contemporary Jewish religious belief and practice, we will use this as a point of comparison to the Jewish world of Jesus’ day. This program would be of particular relevance to the year 8 RE curriculum, in particular the module which focuses on “The Jewish context of the life and words of Jesus.”

Date: Wednesday 11 May 2016

Time: 1pm-4.30pm

Venue: Jewish Museum of Australia – 26 Alma Road, St. Kilda

Cost: $38 per participant

Event postponed - new date TBA



The Presenter

Paul Forgasz lectures in Jewish history at the Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University. He also teaches about Jewish education, as well as school leadership, in the university’s Faculty of Education. Beyond Monash University, Paul has had an extensive career in Jewish education. He was Headmaster of the secondary division of Mount Scopus College for over a decade. He has also played a leading role in the development of the curriculum for VCE Texts and Traditions, as well as Religion and Society. Paul is currently a member of the exam setting panel for both these subjects. He has contributed to two VCE Religion and Society textbooks and a number of educational journals. Paul also teaches a number of courses in the Jewish Museum of Australia’ adult education program. He has also served as scholar-in-residence for the Jewish Education Institute in Pittsburgh, the Shalom Institute in Sydney and the Wellington Jewish Community Centre.

Teacher Professional Development

The Jewish museum is accredited by the Victorian Institute of Teaching as a provider. Schools can register their staff for ‘in-service’ training at the museum. A program would include:

  • Tour of the permanent galleries of the museum
  • Visit to the temporary exhibition (if available)
  • Visit to St Kilda Hebrew Congregation (if available)
  • Kabbalat Shabbat (Shabbat evening ceremony) demonstration with ceremonial bread (challah) and grape juice available for all.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable guides would be available to explain and answer questions.
  • Refreshments or lunch can be provided upon request (extra costs apply)