The Jewish Context of the Life and Words of Jesus Program

This groundbreaking education program created by the Jewish Museum of Australia directly addresses the subject “The Jewish Context of the Life and Words of Jesus”, taught in catholic schools across Victoria. The program positions the Museum as a leading educational resource for teaching about Jesus and his Jewish world, and for the furthering of interfaith understanding between Jews and Catholics.

The program has been developed in direct response to the Year 8 curriculum unit outlined in Coming to Know, Worship and Love: A Religious Education Curriculum Framework for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne (published by the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne 2005).

The aims of the program are to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of:

  • the religious life of Jewish people in Israel in the 1st century;
  • the political influence the Romans had on life in Israel in the 1st century;
  • the social grouping in Jewish society at that time;
  • the changes to Judaism since the 1st century and the nature of Jewish life and practice today.

The program



1. Pre-visit preparation, classroom activities and resources.

Research has shown that students get the most from museum excursions if they have been involved in pre-visit preparation. Therefore, while schools may visit the Jewish Museum at any time, it is highly recommended that at least some key concepts integral to the “Jewish context of the life of Jesus” curriculum have been introduced in class prior to the visit.

2. An excursion to the Museum, including Student Booklet

During your visit to the Museum, students will explore the Museum with the support of our education guides using the framework contained in our Student Booklet, a professionally designed and produced workbook, which contains activities for students to complete during their visit to the Museum, as well as additional activities which may be used in the classroom or set for homework prior to or following the Museum visit.

3. Post-visit classroom activities and resources

In order to reinforce your students’ learning experience at the Jewish Museum, it is recommended that you do some follow-up in the classroom, even if you have completed the “Jewish context of the life of Jesus” curriculum. Teachers receive answers to the Museum activities in the Student Booklet, classroom-based activities and worksheets and creative final projects ideas.

Teacher Notes includes information on how this program supports the specific learning outcomes outlined in the Coming to Know, Worship and Love curriculum document, as well as program overview, pre and post-visit resources, classroom activities, resources and references.

The Museum visit

  • Group size: 50–55 students maximum
  • Length of visit: 120 minutes
  • What to bring: All students should bring a clipboard and pencil with them (pens are not permitted in the galleries). We will provide each student with a copy of the Student Booklet. However, if booklets have been purchased by the school prior to the visit, each student should bring their own booklet with them.

Please do not bring school bags or drinks bottle as they cannot be brought into the galleries.


$15 per student — no charge for teachers. The Student Booklet is included in the cost of the excursion, and a copy will be provided to each student when they visit. However, in order to take full advantage of the resources provided in the booklet, it is highly recommended that teachers arrange pick-up or delivery of the booklets to the school prior to the visit – ideally, before teaching of the “Jewish context of the life of Jesus” unit commences. Please note that postage and handling charges will apply for the delivery of the Student Booklet.

Buying the student booklet

Teachers can order the Student Booklets to use in the classroom without committing to a visit to the Museum. The cost is $12 per Booklet plus delivery and handling charges. To order the Booklets, please email informing the name and address of the school, contact person, number of booklets required, method and preferred day of delivery/pick-up. Please note that booklets will only be delivered or ready for pick up once payment has been processed.

Standard delivery and handling fee to metropolitan Melbourne: $30

Regional delivery and handling fee: to be informed after request email has been received


Bookings are essential for groups 10 or more. To organise your visit, please complete the School Visits Online Request Form and specify the Jewish Context of the Life and Words of Jesus program in the Areas of Interest field and add the number of Student Booklets if required.