Education Programs for Jewish schools

The Jewish Museum of Australia has developed highly customised Education Programs specifically for Jewish schools in consultation with teachers from Jewish Studies, Hebrew language and History.

A visit to our Museum gives Jewish students a sense of pride in their heritage and reassurance knowing that Judaism is being showcased in such a positive way to the general community. It validates their sense of self, matures their Jewish identity and informs on how Jewish Australians have merged the identities of being Jewish and being Australian.

History through Language

A hands-on program that allows students to engage with historical documents, letters, photographs, books and Artefacts from the Museum’s collection. Students uncover history by accessing, handling and translating the items in different languages including Hebrew, Yiddish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, German and French.

Year 9 – 12

Jews on the goldfields/Ballarat

Using a specialised investigation task, this program encourages students to scrutinise, interpret and think about Jewish life on the goldfields and in the Ballarat area through relevant elements in the new Calling Australia Home exhibition and primary sources from the Museum’s collection.

Year 5 – 8


Through this hands-on program, students have the unique opportunity to look and touch a small section of a Torah and learn fascinating facts about it. A magical experience where students not only see through magnifying glasses how a Torah is physically made but also handle the materials and tools that are used to make it.

Prep – 2

History of Jews in Australia

Students visit the new Calling Australia Home exhibition where they learn and experience the only story that is truly ours to tell: the story of Jews life in Australia from 1788 to the present – the reasons they came, the lives they built for themselves and what it means to be Jewish in Australia today. Students explore the stories through photographs, Artefacts, documents and ephemera, illustrations and artworks, textile and clothing, war memorabilia, newspaper clippings, letters and books, including multimedia elements and participatory activities.

Prep – 12

Zionism in Australia

This program offers students a historical view of Zionism in Australia by exploring the Museum’s new exhibition Calling Australia Home. Students see copies of the Argus and Hebrew Standard newspapers, read the “Zionist debates”, explore copies of assorted articles from the 1930s to1960s and engage in relevant discussion with experienced guides.

Year 10 – 11

Learning about our Jewish year

An interactive and fun program where students learn about the Jewish Year and the religious rituals associated with each of the chagim by exploring the Jewish Year gallery and a basket of objects. The Museum’s displays, objects and Artefacts bring familiar topics to life.

Year 1 – 3

Artefacts tell stories

By exploring the Museum’s collection in each of the Museum’s permanent exhibitions, this program allows students to identify the objects and Artefacts that interest them the most, find out the stories behind them, why they’ve been chosen to be part of the Museum’s collection and the conservation principles that influence the way objects are displayed. Students discuss the role of museums and the reasons families decide to donate their precious belongings to museums.

Year 1–8

Collections – Hebrew

A two part program that starts in the classroom with students using a series of photographs of the Museum’s collection as a starting point for a conversation in Hebrew. Then students visit the Museum and use our worksheet (that is in Hebrew or English) to explore the actual objects and the vocabulary connected to ‘collecting’. Something different for the NETA language classes.

NETA Year 8-9