Manual of Jewish Festivals by Freda Kaufman


A new book will feature in the Museum shop from 31 August. The Manual of Jewish Festivals by Freda Kaufman depicts both traditional and contemporary Jewish practice of the Jewish holidays with concise insights of their sources, observances, food customs, synagogue rituals and more. It places the festivals in an historic context with tables and timelines, and traces their evolution through the ages to the way they are lived today.

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Museum Collection, Stories From Within


The Jewish Museum of Australia has a collection that is mainly comprised of donated items by the local community. Each piece in the collection has a history and story to go with it. The items featured in this story may form part of an upcoming exhibition the Museum curatorial team is developing to mark the centenary of World War I. The show will explore the significant contribution of Australian Jews to the war effort, as well as the impact of the war on Jewish communities at home and abroad.

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JIFF, Staff Picks


As The Jewish International Film Festival kicks off for the year, the JewMu seeks out insider information from the JIFF HQ. JIFF presents a selection of the best Israeli and Jewish-themed films from all over the world. This year there are 51 features, documentaries and shorts with 12 new categories, including Brilliant Minds, Women on Film, Quality Schmaltz and The Situation (Hamatzav). With so many enticing options it can be challenging to decide what to see! That’s why the JewMu have decided to help you choose with the assistance of the JIFF creative team. Continue reading to see who loved what and why!

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New JMA Exhibition, Voices & Visions

breslau paul

The Jewish Museum of Australia, in collaboration with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (USA), is proud to present Voices & Visions. This poster exhibition invites visitors to consider which historical ideas remain poignant in contemporary times. Through their artwork, a select group of prominent Jewish designers have interpreted the ideas of Jewish luminaries from Hillel to Susan Sontag. The exhibition contains some surprise contributions such as from Art Paul of Playboy fame, who interprets Rabbi Nachman of Breslau’s quote “If you believe breaking is possible, believe fixing is possible.”

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